Zrealizowane zadania – IV 2015

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Economic Crisis Debate

On the 17th April 2015, the second day of meeting in Potenza, Italy, a debate was held. Its topic was „Economic Crisis”. Students from every country were showing their presentations about what the title mean and the most important types of crisis. Students who took part in the debate were talking about causes and consequences of economic crisis in each country. People focused on developing the knowledge about every country and influence on the politics and mostly, on the young humans.

However, people also discussed the main problem, which is very common and it’s called NEET. Teachers from the Netherlands showed us how to start an appropriate debate and conversation. Students, who were involved in the discussion were talking about how much the country should have the right to decide about teenagers and their education.

It was extremely turbulent but finally, we all came up with the conclusion – the main task in Europe is to assure an access to schools and a chance to develop themselves. It is really important to provide money for education.